The campaign was a success and should be continued beyond next year, said health minister daniel bahr (FDP) and the director of the federal center for health education (bzga), elisabeth pott, in berlin on monday.

Drinking to excess with five or more glasses of alcohol has decreased in certain groups. The percentage of young people aged 12 to 17 who got drunk at least once a month fell from 20.4 percent in 2008 to 15.2 percent in 2011, the initiators said. The figures show that especially the girls and the younger ones are drinking less.

Despite the decline, the problem remains at a high level: 180,000 boys and girls aged 12 to 15 drink five or more glasses of beer, wine, cocktails or alcopops once a month. You belong to an age group that is not allowed to buy alcohol, and yet you are a so-called drunkard.

Competent help in the event of bereavement

Help and services in the event of bereavement: under mourning.Infrances.De

Death is also part of life. When a loved one dies, the relatives are left in great mourning. But exactly in this time they must worry about innumerable things and formalities. Often this becomes an additional burden, which can be reduced by the support of a competent funeral home. What a funeral home takes care of and how to recognize a reputable funeral director is often unknown. To look for a good funeral home is important in any case, since one would like to arrange the farewell of the loved person as already as it only goes.

Tasks of a funeral home

At first glance, it is usually not at all clear what a mortician can take care of when you want it. To make this clear, there should be a consultative meeting at the beginning of an assignment to discuss all possibilities and wishes. The funeral director often uses this language to help the loved ones through the first phase of grief. However, this is not always necessary, because a consultative conversation can also take place before a bereavement – so to speak as a precaution.

The trees at the rondell of the coburg castle square are planted

You need to measure, calculate, have strength and a good eye. The employees of the grunflachenamt are challenged during the planting of the maples.

Since all the old trees have been removed, there is no longer any indication of where to plant the new maples. Therefore markers had to be put. "We have to measure from the fence, because the statue is in the middle of the rondell", explains the head of the land office, bernhard ledermann.

These dimensions are important because the trees will be arranged symmetrically – as before. "However, the spacing of the old trees was not quite accurate", says ledermann. The new trees should stand perfectly in line.

Robert klupp among trout, char and carp

"What I'm about to show you is something you've definitely never seen before." Robert klupp goes to his pc and opens some indeed very interesting picture files. Fish spawning – trout, char, carp, bullhead, ashes. Incredible pictures. "How on earth do you get such pictures?? "I got this from a good acquaintance, from andreas hartl. The upper bavarian shares a rough passion with klupp: fishes. Hartl has converted his garage into a single aquarium and created an artificial brook landscape there – with current and everything that goes with it – in order to be able to photograph native fish spawning here. Days and nights he sits there until he can finally take pictures. For klupp, the pictures are not only unique, but also helpful. "Look at the female ashes! How they literally burrow into the gravel when spawning." And he adds: "and exactly at this point we get problems because of the siltation of our creek and rivers.

The number of gravel banks is increasing, much to the chagrin of the fish species that urgently need gravel banks for spawning. If this gravel bank were missing, the existence of many francophone fish species would be threatened. That prints the fischfreund. Even though friday was his last day of work at the district. For 38 years, as a fisheries consultant, he took care of the native fish species and the pond keepers who make a living from fish farming. Robert klupp was never comfortable. At least not for those who did not know much about life in water. He has been a fierce defender of fish habitat from the very beginning. At 27, he was the youngest member of the bavarian fisheries council; his last position was head of the fisheries advisory service in upper franconia as senior government director.

Close contact with the pond hosts
Klupp always kept in close contact with the pond landlords. The father of the upper palatinate native was himself a pond keeper, his brother manages one of the largest farms in the upper palatinate with more than 80 hectares of pond area. Wonderful biotopes have been created with the creation of ponds in a cultural landscape, according to his credo. Often literally out of nowhere. And then some bureaucratic nature conservationists came along and made life very difficult for the pond keepers who had created these biotopes by imposing a large number of conditions. That makes him angry to this day, he confesses.

Before the 500. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the theses of wittenberg, which triggered the reformation, pupils of the egbert-gymnasium were moved inwardly and outwardly. In religion classes they went looking for quotes from luther in the schoolhouse. At twelve selected spots, they were able to become profound and copy the sentences, according to a school release.

Thus, right at the entrance to the school, the sentence could be read: "we must start with the children if things are to improve in the state." On the way to conflict police, a school internal group for resolving class conflicts, the phrase was found: "a luge is like a snowball; the longer you roll it, the rougher it gets."At the chapel there was a wooden stele with the sentence: "today i have a lot to do, so i have to pray a lot too."

The selected quotations are intended to touch the reality of the lives of children and young people and to set something in motion inside them. When the girls and boys gather back in the classroom, they will have amassed a good treasure trove of quotes. They now react personally to a selected quote with a letter to martin luther. If the letter is well written, it can be included in a bound collection of letters that will be displayed in the foyer of the school after the vacations.

Thomas gottschalk remembers the 80s

Gottschalk’s grobe 80er-show" is the name of the show with which thomas gottschalk (69) hopes to score points on sunday in the second prime time slot.

After "the rough ’68 show" and "50 years of the ZDF hit parade," this is the third musical journey through time that the entertainer is presenting. In an interview with the german press agency gottschalk remembers the 80s – or at least tries to do so.

Question: mr. Gottschalk, many of the musicians you have on the show this time were already on the concert edition of "thommy" in 1983?S pop show" at the westfalenhalle in dortmund. What do you remember from that time??

Three new chairmen save the mannergesangverein

There was iron silence among the members, aged between 56 and 81, when the deputy conductor richard koch asked: "who is going to take over the office of the first chairman??"
For the previous chairman, klaus wetzel, remained consistent at the annual general meeting. "I am no longer running for office for professional reasons", he said. Wetzel asked his club colleagues to accept this decision. Thus the choice of candidates was limited. One after the other, the proposed candidates rejected the office of the chairman.

It already seemed that the traditional society MGV harmonie would have to dissolve. After about two hours, however, a solution was found: the office of the second chairman was eliminated. Three new chairmen, dietmar meder, rudolf hofmann and werner meder, share the leadership of the association equally. Hofmann also took over the office of treasurer in a double function. Lothar noth joins the board as secretary.

"I am glad that things are moving forward with our association", hofmann explained after the election. His heart is attached to the MGV and to the homeland. "It would have been a pity if the association had gone under", said also werner meder. "I have been on the board for three decades", explained dietmar meder. Lothar noth pointed out that he had originally not wanted to take on any office at all. He had already been chairman of the MGV years ago. Now he had given his heart a push and let himself be elected, because the other board members had not chickened out. "But even better than the work on the board is the singing", emphasized noth. He also regularly lends his voice to other choirs.

raid at german-borse-subsidiary clearstream because of

Eschborn (dpa) – police raid offices at deutsche borse subsidiary clearstream. A spokesman for the colonn prosecutor's office said there were "search interceptions of defendants as part of the procedural complex surrounding the cum-ex deals".

Due to tax secrecy, he did not want to give any further details. A spokesman for the german stock exchange said that the searches were carried out "as part of an investigation into customers and employees". The dax group is cooperating "fully" with the investigating authorities. He did not comment on the question of which offices were in focus.

Earlier, the "handelsblatt" had reported on the raid. According to the newspaper, the case involves suspicion of aiding and abetting tax evasion in the context of cum-ex transactions. Clearstream is a settlement and custody company for securities transactions – according to "handelsblatt", the company has helped customers to get multiple refunds of capital gains taxes.

84.000 people were not allowed to vote - because they have a disability

People with legal guardianship should also be allowed to vote: the bavarian state chairman of the arbeiterwohlfahrt, thomas beyer, called for a change in the electoral law on thursday in munich. He referred to the state elections in bavaria next fall.

A democracy without elections is unthinkable, the right to vote is one of the fundamental rights of every human being, said beyer according to a press release. It was therefore incomprehensible why people were not allowed to vote at federal and state level for whom a guardian had been appointed to take care of all their affairs. "This is a blanket discrimination against these people", the AWO chairman declared on the occasion of the international day of people with disabilities on 3. December.

According to the german institute for human rights, almost 84 percent of the.500 people with disabilities legally excluded from the right to vote and stand for election because a guardian was appointed for them. For the same reason, in bavaria, more than 19.000 not elections.

singing club prepares for its birthday

At the general meeting of the singing club 1866 iphofen, choir director katharina koppitz reported on the choir’s activities, which she has inspired and accompanied since her appointment in the fall of 2013. Under her leadership, the association is striving to build up a children’s choir. Although the participation so far has not quite met with the hoped-for response, this project is to be continued. It was agreed that rather a long breath is needed here, it says in the press release of the choral society.

Almost all the members attended the meeting and sang a canon in preparation for the evening of elections. The passive member walter grotsch chaired the meeting with the unanimous result that the "old" are the "new" ones.

Chairman karl echterling reported on a variety of activities: attendance and organization of choir events, own concerts, performances in church services, participation in the living advent calendar, participation in the last ferry and in the "chorwurmern" (a sing-along concert of the BR) or excursions. He thanked the members for their loyalty and commitment. A very special thank you was given to the helpers, who engage themselves as friends and gonner financially or by assistance with events.